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welcome to 360 Leads

Your goods are ready for new markets. So are we.

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Your goods are ready for new markets. So are we.

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"Compelling creative can drive lead generation by increasing interest in your brand and reducing barriers, positioning your product as a solution, not a sale."
– joe amaral, vice president & creative director
"Growing a client’s topline isn’t done by doing one thing right – you have to do a lot of things right. It takes experience, expertise, and a never-stop-until-you-succeed attitude."
– stuart lewis, president & CEO
Your goods are ready for new markets. So are we.

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Your goods are ready for new markets. So are we.

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Your goods are ready for new markets. So are we.

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Your goods are ready for new markets. So are we.

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"As technology evolves, our world becomes more accessible to companies looking to do business in foreign markets. My backyard is now global."
– dan cadieux, country manager, australia & global vice president, strategy

welcome to 360 Leads

360 Leads™ finds new customers for our clients by connecting them with key decision makers to grow their business, anywhere in the world.

360 Leads is the only sales lead generation company that provides a complete precision-based nurturing process that is customized for each client to deliver optimal results. We integrate digital, direct, inbound and outbound marketing services while engaging the specialized expertise of our people, data and technology to deliver qualified sales opportunities.

360 Leads lead generation services
360 Leads offers a range of sales lead generation services including appointment setting, email campaigns, direct marketing, SEO and more.

360 Leads lead generation packages
Select from a wide variety of packages that can be customized to suit every business, from an entrepreneurial start-up to the largest multi-national.

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we don’t have enough sales leads

360 Leads uses a wide range of sales lead generation strategies, including digital, direct, inbound and outbound marketing services. Each of our clients are unique, which means the scale and combination of these services can be purchased in different packages or customized to meet your unique requirements.

Our precision-based nurturing process works – and we’ve got the client success stories to prove it. Yes we have had to temporarily postpone sales lead generation campaigns as some of our clients couldn’t keep up with the volume of sales leads.

Our 360 Package offers the biggest variety of sales lead generation activities.

my sales team doesn’t make cold calls

Professionally executed telephone calls can be an important and effective lead generator for many businesses. Contrary to what some people think, the phone call is not dead – it can be more breakthrough then ever, especially when linked with other 360 Leads sales lead generation activities.

360 Leads includes outbound calling as part of our 360 Package. We’ll include data targeting, list scrubbing, initial calls and, just as importantly, ongoing lead nurturing follow-up calls and emails.

Rather than having sales people comb the phone book or the internet for quality prospects, have them invest their time sitting in front of qualified ones.

my sales team isn’t meeting with key decision makers

You can’t make a sale to anyone if they don’t have decision-making authority. 360 Leads qualifies sales prospects at the outset of the selling process, through our databases and other means. And qualification doesn’t just mean authority, it also means they have a genuine interest in your product or service. Qualify. Qualify. Qualify.

my sales team is focused on current clients rather than pursuing new ones

‘Farmers’ are a valuable part of the sales process. Many businesses have been built on having good farmers that can expand customer relationships into repeatable and increasing revenue streams. But who is doing the ‘hunting’?

Any sales manager or CEO knows that good hunters are very hard to find. And great ones are worth their weight in gold. Our job is to make great hunters even more productive, and if your company has no hunters, it’s to make life easier for those farmers who say they are just too busy to find new customers.

Any one of our packages will help fill your sales funnel, with our 270 Package giving you a big arsenal of digital, SEO and e-marketing campaigns to win new business.

our sales lead generation isn’t integrated with our marketing program

The first thing we’ll do is learn about your business. We can’t provide thoughtful solutions if we don’t understand your ideal customer, your marketing support, your sales goals and how they all fit together.

Ideally, we’ll integrate your sales lead generation efforts with your marketing program as a coordinated approach yields better results and a better return on investment. 360 Leads is a 5th business® company; an integrated marketing strategy and communications organization. As a group, we build marketing and advertising programs on a domestic and international scale for widely recognized organizations in a range of verticals.

But, we’re not here to make things complicated. Sometimes all you need is for us to deliver you qualified sales leads. And, we’re good at that!

our digital investment isn’t generating qualified leads

Digital lead generation is constantly evolving and can involve a wide range of tools. SEO, SMO, email marketing, online advertising, Google AdWords campaigns and social media all represent great opportunities to generate qualified leads – if they’re used correctly. One of the first steps 360 Leads takes is an audit of your current online activity, to find out what’s working, what isn’t, and how it can be improved.

Our 90 Package offers a cost-effective and good start to digital lead generation.

my sales team is using dated practices

How do you stay current on every business practice? It’s not possible. We expect that you are expert in your business, as we are an expert in ours. The key is to combine your expertise with ours to outperform your competition.

As technology and business practices evolve, companies are outsourcing their sales lead generation to 360 Leads, so they can take full advantage of the most current and most effective topline business growth techniques. We’ve invested in experienced people, robust data and superior technology to deliver qualified sales leads to our clients. Whether it be SEO, direct marketing, outbound calling programs or trade show support activities, we’ll augment your team’s efforts with the most advanced practices in the market…. practices that help you win new business.

Our 180 Package has a digital focus and is a great way for the internet to support your topline growth.

our sales leads don’t convert

The three keys to converting leads are to:

1) start with qualified, interested prospects
2) ensure those prospects have decision-making authority
3) manage these prospects through your sales funnel by keeping them highly engaged through effective lead nurturing

If you’re not following all three of these practices, it’s unlikely those leads will convert – and that results in wasted time and effort.

• 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance
• lead generation produces an industry average of 181% return on investment

Ask our sales lead generation experts to help customize a program to deliver your company qualified sales leads and support your ongoing lead nurturing process.

Great customers. Finding them. Connecting our clients with them. That’s how our clients grow their companies.
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