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360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives
on B2B sales lead generation.

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26 Jun 2017

How healthy is your sales lead data?

By 360 Leads

Quality sales leads come from quality data. The Black Report™ found that 36.8% of respondents think data list quality issues are a major reason company lead generation programs don’t deliver enough qualified sales leads. But that can change. For long-term company growth, it’s important to maintain your sales data health by scrubbing for quality and investing

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19 Jun 2017

Double your results with sales lead nurturing

By 360 Leads

Sales leads are critical to every company’s survival. Some buyers don’t require much effort to close because they know what they want, but these quick win sales are a small percentage of the larger whole. Most leads don’t convert into sales, and poor lead nurturing can be blamed for that. Leaving new sales leads to

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12 Jun 2017

Pay for the fans on social media, not just the application

By 360 Leads

What is the appeal of social media for brands? Engaging customers? Starting conversations? Building communities? Not quite. Till recently, social media attracted marketers in large part because it was a totally free form of lead generation. Of course, that’s changed. Now, if you want your brand messaging to get eyeballs and interactions, you’ve got to

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05 Jun 2017

Marketing has one customer: sales

By 360 Leads

The one thing sales and marketing departments agree on is their greatest challenge: generating more qualified sales leads. Still, many marketing personnel believe their role to be independent of sales or are unsure of how their role contributes to sales. Indeed, The Black Report™ found that marketers believe their sales lead generation activities are 35%

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