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360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives
on B2B sales lead generation.

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30 Jan 2019

B2B lead generation leaders are…

By 360 Leads

B2B Lead generation is a massive industry, with countless verticals capturing qualified leads that can be sold to companies looking to acquire new customers. But according to The Black Report, only 17.3 per cent of companies actually reach their lead generation targets. There are different lead generation verticals geared to different industries, but the most

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22 Jan 2019

Lead generation buyer personas, why and how to create them

By 360 Leads

Lead generation buyer personas are shorthand for the different types of individuals most likely to buy your products or services – basically fictional examples of your ideal customers, like IT Irene, Mechanic Mike, or Builder Bryan. Why are they helpful? Because having a deep understanding of who your target sales leads are will increase the

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17 Jan 2019

B2B sales lead generation needs a real point of difference.

By 360 Leads

How many companies struggle with finding the answer of ‘how do I get my sales people to sell more?’ Maybe if I get them more sales appointments, get them more B2B sales leads, get them support from an inbound lead generation program – yes, then they will sell more. All of that is quite probably

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15 Jan 2019

How to kickstart your lead generation campaign

By 360 Leads

The new year is for new beginnings and if your lead generation needs a reboot, now’s the right time to give it the attention it needs so the year ahead will be a success. Here are some helpful tips for the coming year. Review your successes (and flops) What were your goals for 2018? Did

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04 Jan 2019

Debunking the telesales stereotype

By 360 Leads

Your next customer is only a call away. That is, if you or your lead generation company picks up the phone. Needless to say, because of this, telemarketing or telesales gets a bad rep; those poorly-scripted calls are made in the hundreds if not thousands, from disengaged people focused on quantity and not quality. It’s

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