lead generation
04 Jul 2017

3 steps to turn lists into sales leads

By 360 Leads

When it comes to new sales leads, the right data lists are crucial. Inaccurate data could mean an out-of-date list or worse, improper targeting. In The Black Report™, our global sales lead generation study, 36.8% of respondents rated data list quality issues as a key barrier to success. There is no question that the best prospect “list” is your own list. But how do you build it, manage it and convert it into truly qualified sales leads? And when you’re buying data from a third-party source, how do you know it has true value as opposed to being just a bunch of names on a spreadsheet interspersed with job titles and phone numbers? How do you know that list hasn’t been sold to your competitors? How do you know anyone on the list has the desire to talk with you, has ever heard of you or has the authority to buy?

We can help you answer these questions. Here are three ways to turn lists into bona fide sales leads:

Determine the exact target prospect(s) you are looking to reach

Not all customers are created equal, and a bigger pool is not a better pool. Once you determine your target prospects, contact a shortlist of reputable data providers, and give them your objectives. But remember, you always have the option of purchasing data from multiple sources to create a more complete prospecting starting point.

No list is 100% accurate

While some lists are more accurate than others, you’ll need to have the list validated and updated to ensure better accuracy. And what’s a good threshold for accuracy? We’ve seen lists ranging in accuracy from under 50% to as high as 75%. While no list will be 100% perfect, better accuracy can be achieved by continually maintaining and scrubbing the list. We do this for many of our clients as part of their sales lead generation campaign work.

Execute your campaigns against the “clean” list

While every campaign we run is unique, the blend of digital, direct, inbound and outbound all combine to deliver a result. This means our lists have data points that connect to each channel, depending on the nature of the campaign. Part of any great sales lead generation campaign also includes list management. After all, it’s now your list and its value could be the key to growing your business.

If you’d like to discuss your data strategies and list management, email or call us.