b2b lead generation
17 Apr 2017

3 things a business can achieve with sales lead generation

By 360 Leads

A steady flow of sales leads is the livelihood of every organization. Whether it is top of mind in an organization or not, companies require sales lead generation to operate. Lead generation should be at the core of every business. Sometimes the marketing and sales teams face internal obstacles that don’t foster an environment conducive to generating leads. But sales lead generation can dramatically boost productivity and overall results. Here’s what it can help your business achieve when done right:

A higher sales quota

The Black Report states that mature sales lead generation practices help companies achieve a 9.3% higher sales quota. Companies must communicate with prospects on an individual basis throughout the sales journey, and reaching out to them through a combination of digital, direct, inbound and outbound channels can grab prospects’ attention and accelerate meaningful conversations, and subsequently, new sales.

More revenue

Sales lead management results in a 10% or greater revenue increase in under nine months. This can be attributed to lead nurturing at multiple stages of the sales cycle. As a result, buyers request information about your offering. These conversions happen because the prospect is pre-qualified through the sales lead management process. Also, deals won’t ‘go dark’ due to poor follow-up, the number one reason salespeople don’t close new sales.

Lower costs

According to The Black Report, lead nurturing generates 50% more sales leads at a 33% lower cost. To achieve this, enduring customer relationships built through sales lead nurturing must focus on understanding the customer purchasing lifecycle. An individualized approach with clients who have a higher closing potential results in long-term retention and more sales.

If you’re interested in new sales, ask us how we can help grow your business with sales lead generation.