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12 Feb 2019

A low tech B2B lead generation campaign email solution

By 360 Leads

In a B2B lead generation campaign, low-tech tactics can offer serious upgrades to high-tech solutions – especially when it comes to results.

Recently, Leigh-Ann Clarke, VP and General Manager of 360 Leads and our sister company, Clever Samurai covered this high-tech/low-tech topic in an article for Direct Marketing Magazine. Specifically, how a e-mail lead generation campaign and e-mail marketing can get a boost from a low-tech, “old school” telesales.

How does telesales help e-mail marketing? Simply put, it offers the company reaching out to prospects several different touchpoints to reach a client.

According to a report by HubSpot, if a company sends 16-30 campaigns a month, they see a median open rate of 32.4%. The click-through rate averages at 6.5%. If a company, however, sends two emails or less per month, the open rate is two times lower. With people bombarded with hundreds of e-mails per day, there is no guarantee your recipient will click and read through your note, a phone call to follow the e-mail, however, offers another avenue of communication and relationship-building with your potential customer.

Three easy tips for an e-mail B2B lead generation campaign and telesales:

  1. Click-worthy subject line – Did you know that 47% of recipients decide whether or not to open an email based off the subject line alone? Make it short and sweet, relevant to your recipient and don’t forget you need a click-worthy offer, too.
  2. Target with the right data – What makes an email B2B lead generation campaign successful, apart from a killer subject line and offer is your prospect data or list. Before the creative, copy and offer or call to action are even composed, your email campaign objective must be clearly defined and your list of targets vetted to ensure the people are actually in need of what you’re selling or offering. In Canada lists must also abide under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).
  3. Make telesales a part of your strategy – In The Black Report, leading companies ranked telesales as the most effective form of lead generation at 44.7% with email marketing at second with 31.7%. Telesales can easily give email campaigns a boost if the timing is right. Combining telesales and email lead generation campaigns gives an organization a number of different touchpoints to reach prospects. While the email can be seen as the first touchpoint or introduction to your prospect, a phone call solidifies a channel of communication.

A phone call with the right introduction and targeted to the correct prospect allows you to have a personal and undisrupted channel where you can truly listen and understand what your prospect may need and want – the type of feedback you may never get from just an email.

As companies are inundated with email and text messages, telesales offers a junk-free way of communicating with prospects, in fact The State of Inbound report found that the phone is the most effective and successful channel in connecting with prospects whether it is the CEO, manager, or employee making the call. All businesses use email to communicate, however competition for attention in the inbox is at an all-time high. Not only are people receiving more emails than ever, software, applications and algorithms are becoming more advanced in filtering out what they read as spam or junk.

For all the digital services available to marketers today, the technique that truly works is the low-tech solution of a researched, planned outbound calling campaign that may be the missing, more personal piece in closing more B2B sales.

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