360 Leads Appointment Setting Services and Lead Generation

We set B2B appointments with qualified leads that your sales team can convert to customers effortlessly.

A sales prospect needs to match the criteria below to be a qualified lead:

  • The person is a decision-maker
  • They have a business problem that needs solving
  • They may or may not be aware of the products and services out there that will help solve their business pain
  • They are willing to know more about your products and services

Getting qualified leads is not an easy process. There are several steps involved in generating leads, nurturing them, and setting B2B appointments. It can be exhausting for a salesperson to focus on all simultaneously and to do it well. Hiring a reputable company to do lead generation and B2B appointment setting is an option. Having qualified leads provided to you allows your sales team to focus on what they do best, selling! In addition, qualified leads are usually nurtured to become hot leads by the time they are handed over to you, which makes it easier for sales teams to convert them to a customer. 

We identify your target market through in-depth research and then we create sales leads personas. Afterwards, we select a channel or multiple channels to communicate to these personas, and that will give you the best sales leads conversions. In the case of outbound calling, we create lists based on the ideal job roles, industries, and company sizes you are trying to target. Then, we nurture these leads with phone calls and emails to qualify them. To ensure you generate the highest quality sales leads, we use a combination of Outbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing and PR & Content Marketing.

Our callers have set 10,000+ B2B appointments.

We carefully pick our appointment setters, and further train them to understand the target audience, industry, and how your products or services add value to customers.

Our calls are made under the guise of your brand and company name, and our team is highly intelligent when it comes to identifying pain points and factors of buying motivation.

Before any calling campaign, we create highly curated calling scripts that keep the target audience in mind.

Combining experience, training, technology, and monitoring allows our appointment booking team to convert cold leads into hot ones that your sales team can close effortlessly.

The services we offer that provide B2B appointment setting results are:

  • Outbound marketing
    • Customer profiling and research
    • Intent-based appointment setting
  • Digital marketing
    • Websites & landing pages
    • SEO & SEM
    • LinkedIn
    • Marketing automation & email
  • PR & content marketing
    • Articles & blogs
    • Featured stories & earned media
    • Thought leadership & social media
  • Direct Marketing
    • Direct response
    • Incentive & switch

Our Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Process

Identify Target Market & Create Personas 

Our lead generation and appointment setting services start with identifying and defining the target audience that would most benefit from a conversation with your sales team about your products/services. We create customer personas. This is crucial to help us understand your buyer’s demographics, motivation, needs, and pain points. Personas enable us to have a strong introductory conversation with your ideal leads. As well, we use the personas to develop relatable lead generation campaigns and ultimately put you in conversation with the decision-makers you want to target and convert.


Before we start setting appointments and generating high-quality leads, we do our research. We work to understand your UVP (Unique Value Proposition). What is it that sets you apart from others in your space? We need to understand this to pique the interest of your target prospect.  As well, we gather data on micro and macro factors affecting your industry. We collect information on competition, customers and suppliers that affect your business. The macro analysis looks at political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological factors associated with your industry.  We need this information to have as rich a conversation as possible with your prospective leads.

Channel Selection (Our Services)

At 360 Leads, we use multiple channels to find B2B leads and set appointments with them. We assist you in identifying channels that will give you the best engagement, conversion, and ROI. Our channel expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Outbound Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing & Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing

Present Strategy & KPIs

We present the B2B lead generation strategy that will be used to set the most qualified appointments possible. The strategy will contain the target audience, message and positioning and channels used to deliver the message.  We also present Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the success. KPIs provide a clear view of your performance, and the information will allow us to further optimize your campaigns.

Share Qualified Leads

Once our B2B lead generation campaigns identify sales leads, our appointment setters start to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads so that your sales team can do what they do best. Sell!

Reports & Insights 

Depending on the duration of your campaign, we will constantly provide you with reports and insights on your B2B lead generation campaign. The insights from the campaign will allow you to understand campaign performance and learn more about your target audience that can aid in major business decisions.  

The 360 Leads Difference


Appointment Setting Experts. Our focus is single-minded, and our clients can attest to that. As one of Canada’s leading lead generation and appointment setting services, we focus on getting you in front of qualified prospects so you can grow your business fast. 


A one-stop partner. At 360 Leads, our team of highly collaborative experts will quickly understand your business and provide an overall roadmap to achieving your goals. From developing an air-tight target list to recommending integrated marketing efforts based on your business goals, the team will work with you to help build a full and qualified pipeline.


Experience you can count on. With over 20+ years of North American and global experience, the team at 360 Leads brings a wealth of knowledge and appointment-setting success for clients across various B2B industries. The bonus is that you get to work with people who truly understand your market.


An extension of your brand. With our team of appointment setters, your sales team is guaranteed a warm greeting from prospects. We create that initial connection by professionally representing your brand, product, and services– opening the door for a more fruitful connection. 

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