B2B lead generation tips from sales pros

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lead magnet with these B2B lead generation tips

You can direct a horse to water, but can you make it drink? That’s essentially what a sales team is up against when they are given warm B2B sales leads to convert. They might be used to dealing with pre-existing customers, but for a business to grow, sales teams must convince new prospects to buy from them. Is your sales team ready to sell? Do they need some B2B lead generation tips?

If your sales team needs some inspiration, here are some simple B2B lead generation tips that appeal to the most basic human tendencies. Our seasoned sales pros recommend the following to help get your conversion rates up.

B2B lead generation tip #1 – Start the conversation with a compelling story

The ability to create a narrative or a storyline is one of the greatest ways to improve lead generation conversion. Everyone has a story and is living it every day. A potential client feels more motivated to act when they can see how their story aligns with the story they are told by the sales representative. Another helpful B2B lead generation tip here: consider your buyer personas and their pain points. Mastering the art of creating a compelling narrative has the power to improve your B2B sales overnight.

B2B lead generation tip #2 – Stay true to yourself and your company

Tell your prospects directly when you don’t have something they seek. Be honest about whether your offer aligns with their needs. When you depart from the hard sell, the client will be pleasantly surprised, and might give you more time as a result. It’s a way of developing trust that will help you improve your close percentages in the long run. In the meantime, you must be prepared to walk away from a sales deal knowing the time is not right. Don’t force it.

B2B lead generation tip #3 – Increase B2B sales lead conversions, ask pre-qualifying questions at the outset

This is essential, so your sales person isn’t wasting her time, or the buyer’s time. Sales reps often habitually skip over this critical step in the process and waste valuable time working leads that were never going to turn into sales. Our B2B lead generation tips include honing the skill of asking questions to determine the quality of the B2B sales lead, which ultimately enhances lead conversion and sales. If you are thinking of buying some leads, ensure they are unique to you.

B2B lead generation tip #4 – Do your research and be knowledgeable about the customer’s business/company

This is our favourite B2B lead generation tip – show them what their world will look like after they’ve purchased your product or service by doing some research. They will appreciate imagining the difference this purchase will make for their company and will be more inclined to buy. Plus, they could turn into evangelists for your own company if the sale makes them look good in their own manager’s eyes.

B2B lead generation tip #5 – Following up and persistence is key

While a sales rep must maximize the opportunity present in every meeting, it’s not always possible to close after the first conversation. Creating a schedule to get back to a B2B sales lead is helpful so that they feel valued while sales keeps their eye on the prize.

You can have the most compelling marketing campaign in a century, but without well-trained B2B sales people picking up the baton and being able to deliver the right sales pitch to the right sales lead at the right time, marketing efforts could be wasted. If you’d like to know more B2B lead generation tips, visit our 360Topline blog. If you want to learn how 360 Leads blends sales lead generation and marketing into a synergistic package for our clients, please give us a call.