Boost Sales Leads in Summer? It Can Be Done

Boost Sales Leads in Summer? It Can Be Done

Boost Sales Leads in Summer? It Can Be Done

Boost Sales Leads in Summer? It Can Be Done

With the summer vacation season in full swing, it’s understandable that most of us want to take a break. But it would be wrong to take your foot off the gas during the so-called “slow season”. For one thing, your competitors probably aren’t doing that, and will be happy to score a few wins and generate more leads in your absence. They know that when others are away from their desks, great things can happen – for them.

Secondly, there are solid reasons to look at the summer season as the busy season – at least when it comes to getting your sales funnel primed for the onslaught that often comes with the start of school.  Summer is the perfect time for a reboot, to try out things that that you did not have time to test previously and to accelerate the improvements that you planned but couldn’t implement in the midst of full operations.

Here are a couple of reasons to maintain a steady clip through the next few weeks, and how you can take advantage of summer to get ahead of your competition.

Not everyone is in summer mode

A lot of people don’t take summer holidays at all, preferring to spend weekends at the cottage or on road trips, but bearing down on work as they usually do the rest of the year. Even when at the cottage, or on a “vacation day”, B2B clients are plugged in, and have the leisure time to read more, think more and contemplate what they need to change about their business.

Don’t think of summer vacation as being two months long

Just because kids are out of school for two months doesn’t mean clients are off work for that long. Summers that involve workdays at the cottage are slower paced and often involve reassessing vendors relationships and future planning. Don’t imagine that all of your sales leads are in snooze mode: in summer they may be more receptive than usual to new ideas.

Assess whether you need help bringing in leads

Summer is a great time to take stock of your own bandwidth and consider hiring a lead generation company to help your sales team.  After all, there’s enough work involved in keeping a client happy; searching for them might be best left to a company like 360 Leads who will seek and set appointments with qualified buyers for your sales team to capitalize on.

Take opportunity of quiet time to update your website, clean-up contact records, evaluate relationships and other housekeeping items

Take an hour to explore your company’s website and take note of everything that needs an update or a total revamp. Evaluate which non-customer contacts haven’t interacted with you in six months, and make the decision to delete them if there is no reasonable hope for future conversion. If you have a blog or other content marketing campaigns, look at the traffic to see what is underperforming versus the content winners that you can leverage on social media platforms. Set up a regular monthly time to assess your content marketing strategy to make sure you are hitting your goals (as defined in Google Analytics) to track the contribution of each piece of content to conversions.

Make sure you have someone keeping the lights on in the office

The last thing you want is an unanswered call or a prospect going to voicemail with little chance of a callback for days, or weeks. Put in place a plan to fill in for anyone on the sales team who is away, so there are no gaps in response time and the pace is maintained, or at least slowed down as little as possible.

It’s not summer in Latin America

Depending where your customers are, it might be business-as-usual time, not holiday time. The perfect time to take advantage of your competition and scale up your B2B sales calls to that region of the world.

Don’t forget to relax

If you’ve taken advantage of the “slow season” to get ahead of the curve, now’s the time to take that well-deserved summer break.  Studies show that vacations actually help make us more productive when we return to the office, so take off on that holiday so you can come back even better!

If you’d like help on boosting summer sales, contact us.