How to generate sales in 2022

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how to generate sales

Many businesses have been affected by Covid-19 in some way or another, regardless of the industry they operate in. Despite this, staying on top your game and generating revenue through sales is important for all businesses. There are various sales strategies available out there, but the one that fits you the best is the one that suits your business objectives and is effective for you.

Create a customized plan

Every lead is different, and so, a “one shoe fits all” approach will not work when targeting a widely diverse demographic. A prospect will only convert if they can relate and find meaning in your value proposition. Creating a buyer persona and orchestrating a b2b sales funnel to fit that persona is the best method. This way, you are no longer selling one product to different prospects, but selling different iterations of the same product that fits the profile of each prospect. Resources like focus groups, forums, and government statistics can help you get some demographic and psychographic buyer information to better implement this sales and lead generation strategy.

Understand your prospects

In any business, falling shy of conversion can be attributed to not understanding what your customers want. Your business in most cases, will not turn a prospect into a sale if you do all the talking. You need to tune in to what prospects are trying to communicate. According to Social Bakers, only 51% of brands utilize monitoring/listening of prospects in any capacity during a b2b sales process. So, your company has a chance to outperform nearly half of the industry if you engage in active listening. A rule of thumb is to listen 80% of the time and speak only the 20% remaining.

Offer free information

‘Free’ is arguably the most important weapon in your arsenal when it comes to sales. Offering free information can be an effective way to get more prospects in the sales pipeline. Free services and information are the biggest draw your brand can offer and would work like a charm when venturing into untapped markets. If you can make it easy for your target audience to understand the value your service brings them, they will be inclined to take you upon it. What better way than giving them a taste before they make that decision.

Focus on organic SEO

Nearly 68% of online sales begin with a query on a search engine, and a business on average makes $2 on every $1 they spend optimizing their website. Even though SEO is a tedious and complex process, the investment you do in optimizing your website pays off in the long run. You should be able to create a self-sustaining digital presence that brings in new prospects every time the demand is generated on a search engine.

Pitching is out, solutions are in

Gone are the days when selling services and what your business does while making the same pitch to every client. Instead, solve the problems your clients are encountering and give them a way out. This will give you a better chance of landing a sale. Offering a client-specific UVP (Unique Value Proposition) that focuses on solutions to pain points, will sit better with the client than a traditional sales pitch.

Find the right mix of traditional and digital channels

Almost a third of businesses still use cold-calling as a primary channel for b2b sales, and nearly 71% of businesses use digital channels for sales. (Statista) Therefore, a perfectly balanced and well-integrated strategy would include traditional and digital. Cold calling assisted with a subsequent email marketing and PPC campaign, can give you better chances at conversion than any other traditional approach. A multi-channel strategy also helps to get in front of the prospect via every channel they access. For example, an email campaign assisted by digital marketing and cold calling ensures that the prospect is approached through various direct and non-direct mediums throughout the funnel.

Focus brand building via social

In modern times, brands are built on social media. It is customary for new and old brands alike to create a digital window into the brands’ life and create a sense of trust and transparency for the potential prospects. Social media marketing also aids in inbound lead generation through organic channels. In fact, according to a report by Whittington General, nearly 70% of b2b marketers invested in content creation shared through social media during the pandemic.

Seek external help from an expert

Sometimes what you do is just not enough and asking for help from an industry expert, just might work out better in the long run. Companies like 360 Leads can help your business close the bridge between lead discovery and sales. If you are struggling to generate leads every month or not setting enough appointments, seeking external help can fast-track your objectives. Companies like ours create custom lead mapping and channel mixing to achieve your sales objectives.