Large Vs. Small: Best B2B Sales Strategy for Your Company Size

Large Vs. Small: Best B2B Sales Strategy for Your Company Size

Large Vs. Small: Best B2B Sales Strategy for Your Company Size

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A diverse marketing platform gets results

Up until the great internet breakthrough, telemarketing was one of the most effective ways to connect with potential clients. Who would have thought that an innocent attempt of housewives trying to sell cookies over the phone, in the 1950s would now become a common marketing practice by a trained professional. Today, with the ability to use multi platform channels for communications, it is not surprising that more businesses are using email marketing to target their customers. However, the Black Report™ states email marketing success boils down to company size. The Black Report™ is a comprehensive global study that discusses effective channels of lead generation and summarizes strategic methods of lead nurturing.

Large companies (100+ employees) rate email marketing to be 72% more effective at hitting their target audiences than using other marketing tactics such as social media – 67% according to the Black Report.

This is because clients are more likely to click on an email from a business they are already exposed to. It is a powerful tool and a cost-effective method to help promote your business and engage with customers to generate sales. Email marketing helps target your ideal customers by:

  • Tracking user engagement: Using a well-developed email marketing platform can help provide information on which prospects opened an email, track which specific link was clicked and how many users subscribed. These metrics can help a business track their sales and identify in the early stages how strong their customer engagement is.
  • Reaching a wider audience: By default, an enticing offer combined with your marketing efforts are bound to achieve a wider network. The email the prospect receives is more likely to be opened and forwarded to their network based on an attractive offer. Simply put, forwarding an email with an effective message that resonates can convert a lead into a sale or user action almost immediately.

In comparison, smaller companies found more success with outbound telemarketing. In fact, smaller companies found outbound telemarketing to be 21% more effective when reaching prospects.  Since smaller companies may not have the same brand recognition as large companies, they can build similar recognition through a personalized conversation. Companies that want lead generation have an advantage of expanding their outbound telemarketing both locally and nationally by selling to customers in other sales territories. The key is not simply just the outbound calling campaign itself, rather it is an organic, real human interaction between a business and a potential client. The recipe that transforms these calls into qualified leads is:

  • Attaining prospects’ attention: One thing no one can deny is that a live person on the phone is going to naturally have your undivided attention. The rapport you can achieve through this one-on-one engagement process is going to be far more memorable. Telesales professionals have the opportunity to create a unique and customized approach with each prospect they have on the line.
  • Understanding immediate interest: Professional salespeople understand the interest level their understanding prospects have based on their readiness to want to acquire more information. This helps them eliminate potential leads that may not be as desirable and allows them to focus on more qualified sales leads. There is an expectation to achieve results that are more meaningful because salespeople have first hand experience in understanding whether a customer is interested or not.

If you’re looking for a way to generate more sales for your company that includes a unique and customized approach, then a B2B sales generation program offered by 360 Leads® is the next step.

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