More Canadian B2B Companies are Exporting to the US

More Canadian B2B Companies are Exporting to the US

More Canadian B2B Companies are Exporting to the US

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It’s no big surprise that Canada’s biggest trading partner is the United States. And with Canadian currency being favorable relative to the US greenback, there is a great opportunity available to Canadian B2B companies who haven’t yet explored export sales growth south of the border.

Exports from Canada to the US were CAD $47.6 billion in March 2018. These numbers were driven largely by the sales of aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts (24.3%), on boats and other personal transportation equipment. Also, exports of farm, fishing and intermediate food products advanced 14.7% over the previous month and those selling energy products grew 4.2% over the February numbers.

If your Canadian B2B company isn’t drinking from the big trough, the question is “why not?” You might wonder how do I generate B2B sales leads, how do I acquire new customers in the US or am I even competitive?

It’s amazing how many niche B2B companies can effectively generate sales leads in the US and win. We know, because as a cross-border lead generation agency, we do it quite effectively for companies from the UK, Europe, Canada and beyond. The world is becoming increasingly smaller and new markets are ripe for generating B2B sales, especially if the product or service fills a demand that isn’t being met.

You might wonder where to start. You don’t have to start with setting up a major infrastructure. It might simply be starting by testing the waters with an effective B2B sales lead generation campaign. You’ll not only generate B2B sales leads in the US, but you’ll also gain critical market intelligence about the receptivity of your business and your product.

As we mentioned, we help non-domestic businesses build their export sales funnel with regularity. If you thought there was a market for German-engineered cable glands made of zinc die-cast in the US, you’d be right.

So you might ask is my product even worth talking about with US B2B customers; our short answer is most probably “yes”.