Why Real Salespeople Love Appointment Setting. And Fakers, Don’t.

Why Real Salespeople Love Appointment Setting. And Fakers, Don’t.

Why Real Salespeople Love Appointment Setting. And Fakers, Don’t.


Leigh-Ann Clarke is Vice President and GM at 360 Leads. And she knows a fake when she sees one. After more than 25 years leading sales teams and appointment setting campaigns at Yellow Pages and 360 Leads, it takes but a few minutes for her to quickly assess the attitude of a sales person and their willingness to properly engage with new sales leads, lead generation programs and appointment setting campaigns.

“Many companies have a culture that fosters effective relationship building with existing customers”, says Clarke. “And while this is fabulous, the other side of the equation is winning new business. And that’s where sales people get exposed; they sold the deal or they didn’t”.

Putting sales people in situations to win new business through effective appointment setting campaigns also puts them on notice that they are expected to sell new business. And that’s where the fakers take cover and real sales people shout “bring on them sales leads”.

Frank Dominguez, Marketing Manager at Gray Tools, understands well how an appointment setting campaign can alert a sales force that business-as-usual isn’t good enough. Dominguez who is also an owner of the long-standing Canadian company has run successful appointment setting and direct marketing programs with 360 Leads, but the initial stages with his sales team were met with resistance. “We knew we wanted to reach end-users, but we just didn’t know how to do it the most cost effectively”, he says.

“Our sales force, as you can imagine, was somewhat apprehensive and somewhat skeptical”, adds Dominguez. “We went from a resistant sales force to one embracing the program and asking marketing to expand the program. We went from negativity to full buy-in.” A YouTube video with Dominguez sharing his view on appointment setting and direct mail can be found here.

The key Clarke comments is for “business leaders to understand their sales culture and provide support, feedback and a safe-haven for sales people to learn how to maximize new prospect sales leads and the outcomes of targeted appointment setting campaigns.”

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