Why Should I Take a Sales Appointment if You Have Zero Point-of-Difference?

Why Should I Take a Sales Appointment if You Have Zero Point-of-Difference?

Why Should I Take a Sales Appointment if You Have Zero Point-of-Difference?

B2B Sales Leads

How many companies struggle with finding the answer to ‘how do I get my sales people to sell more?’ Maybe if I get them more sales appointments, get them more B2B sales leads, get them support from an inbound lead generation program – yes, then they will sell more.

All of that is probably true. But, it may not be enough.

To make a sale, especially with commoditized products, there is always the inherent price race to the bottom. Yes, we can sell more if we drop our price. But you can make no money, too. Anybody can sell pencils at a loss, but can you sell pencils for more money than anybody else? The answer may also be ‘yes’ if you can establish a point-of-difference that centers around customer benefits that they are willing to pay you a premium to provide.

A client of ours, Glasvan Great Dane, is one of the most successful trailer dealerships in the world. You can learn about their work with us here. They always believe in generating more sales leads and booking more B2B sales appointments, as their business delivers a meaningful point-of-difference with its customers. Glasvan, while price competitive at the high-end of the market, delivers value by offering a better-quality product, more advanced repair services and a massive parts inventory to ensure that their customers’ equipment remains working and road-worthy. They have a real value story to tell and a real point-of-difference. This manifests itself in-part with Glasvan’s tagline Better Equipment. Better Service., developed by our sister-company Clever Samurai.

Like Glasvan, many companies have a compelling point-of-difference. The challenge is how to define it, how to distill it into something simple and then how to have an organization embrace it – top to bottom. You can’t hold a sales team responsible for defining a company’s key point-of-difference. What you can hold them responsible for is selling the best way they can, given the tools and strategy provided to them.

So, if your company hasn’t defined its key point-of-difference to help you sell more and potentially for more money, we simply ask… when will you do it?