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13 Nov 2017

Direct mail drives sales leads

By 360 Leads

When in comes to sales leads, the best direct mail campaigns grab the attention of decision makers and make them want to meet with you. A sale practically signed, metaphorically sealed and delivered.

The process however, of sealing a deal with direct mail takes some due diligence – and it starts with a lead generation company that produces successful campaigns. At 360 Leads, direct mail, when done right is one channel in building an effective lead generation program and we’ve proven it works for companies such as Toshiba. 360 Leads worked with Toshiba to create an integrated campaign that resulted in 1,000 qualified sales meetings and a 74% recall on the direct mail execution.

With proven results, here is how you can make direct mail work for your lead generation:

Set your targets

The Black Report found that direct mail marketing can yield on average a 13-to-1 ROI. How do you achieve this great return? A lead generation company can help you do the research, hone in on the right data, so you know who your targets are and how to reach them. A successful direct mail campaign requires a solid offer to match your targets’ needs and solve their pain points. Check all these off your list and the results will pay dividends.

Get creative with an insightful lens

A Canadian tech client commissioned 360 Leads to help create a multi-channel campaign based on how they can support job performance for other businesses. The direct mail campaign delivered 50 qualified sales meetings per week. Yes, the mailers were creative so much so the targets said, “I knew it was a marketing ploy but I couldn’t wait to see what happens next” and “These were hilarious, I have hung your mailers in my cubicle” – but they weren’t just eye-catching ideas. A market understanding and insight into the buyer’s way of thinking were the basis of the mailers and having the creative support the insight made for great returns for our client.

Integrate tactics

While every company and every campaign is unique, integration of tactics works across every category, if done correctly. According to The Black Report, 48% of recipients retain direct mail for future reference and 44% of people visit a brand’s website right after receiving direct mail, so the awareness is there, but now you must follow through. As marketers and sales leaders, we need to follow-up to get the result we need. Using direct mail marketing to warm up the recipient to take a phone call, and hopefully a sales meeting, can lead to impressive results – but you have to make that call. Integrating a direct mail and outbound calling campaign drives results with the key being to understand the purpose of each and then planning campaigns accordingly. Bottom line? Fully-integrated campaigns always do better than sole-action campaigns.

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