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10 Jul 2017

Direct mail that will always generate leads

By 360 Leads

To the uninitiated, direct mail is junk mail. It’s simply flyers, postcards and papers that end up in the garbage. ‘Light your money on fire’, ‘it’s the digital age’, ‘direct mail doesn’t work’, they say. We hate to burst the naysayers’ bubble, but they are just flat wrong – direct mail can generate leads. That isn’t to say there aren’t horrible direct mail programs in existence that feed these views, but if done correctly, direct mail can generate double-digit responses. We’ve even had a campaign that generated leads at a 140% response. That’s right. 140%.

Here are three things to think about to drive double-digit (or even triple-digit) response rates.

Priority #1: targeting

Nothing is more important than targeting. Get the right targets, the right data, and the right offer, and you have a lethal cocktail to drive big response numbers. Any campaign we run is based on proper targeting. And if we see a hiccup, we’ll go back to the basics. Was our targeting right? Did we have properly validated data? Did the offer match the target’s needs?

Priority #2: insight-based creative

Imagine a campaign where your target buyer has a 74% recall on your direct mail campaign, which delivers anywhere from a 12% to 28% response rate depending on the vertical. One where they say “I knew it was a marketing ploy but I couldn’t wait to see what happens next” or “these were hilarious, I have hung your mailers in my cubicle.”

The ongoing campaign we’ve been running for a Canadian technology client is all based on a set of insights related to understanding the buyer in terms of how they manage their job performance. We’ve taken these insights and turned them into a multi-flight creative direct mail campaign that delivers 50 qualified sales meetings per week, linked to how our client can support job performance.

Without a market understanding that delivers insights into the psyche of the buyer and the creative to support the insights, the campaign would not perform to that level.

Priority #3: integrate the DM program with outbound calling

People are busy, so as marketers and sales leaders, we need to follow-up to get the result we want. That’s why it’s a good strategy to use direct marketing to generate leads for the sole purpose of warming up the recipient to take a phone call, which in turn will convince them to take a sales meeting. That can lead to a truly great result. Each media or action has a purpose, with the key being to understand the purpose of each, and then plan campaigns accordingly.

Fully-integrated campaigns always do better than sole action campaigns. Syncopation of activities with proper planning drives results. Think about what activities, what timing, and how to best link them all together. Every company and every campaign is unique, but universally, integrating tactics works across every category, if done correctly.

You know our stance on direct mail now. But how do potential customers feel about it?

  • 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct mail
  • Direct mail marketing yields, on average, a 13-to-1 ROI
  • 48% of recipients retain direct mail for future reference
  • 44% of people visit a brand’s website right after receiving direct mail

If you’d like to learn more about how to drive double-digit direct mail performance, get in touch.