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19 Jun 2017

Double your results with sales lead generation nurturing

By 360 Leads

Sales leads are critical to every company’s survival. Some buyers don’t require much effort to close because they know what they want, but these quick win sales are a small percentage of the larger whole. Most leads don’t convert into sales, and poor sales lead generation nurturing can be blamed for that.

Leaving new sales leads to develop into realized revenue on their own without any kind of engagement is often a guaranteed loss. According to The Black Report™, companies that communicate three or more times with the sales leads they generate are 2.4 times as effective at achieving their targets.

Here’s how you can heat up a sales lead:

Define and segment potential leads

Get a solid understanding of your target buyers’ distinct characteristics: demographic, location, buying journey, preferred channels of communication, and financial situation. By understanding behaviours, you can develop customized messaging for your target.

Multi-channel nurturing

Once you have a good understanding of where your sales leads are in the sales funnel, use a wide range of tools and touchpoints to get their attention, and communicate three or more times to double your sales results. Tools can range from videos, whitepapers, webinars and different forms of advertising, and touchpoints include event invitations, phone calls, social media, emails, and snail mail.

Plan, monitor, and track your results

Prior to starting your lead nurturing, define a goal. Define stages to your sales lead generation nurturing process and measure the effectiveness of your dollars spent as you move your prospects through the funnel. And remember, staying in touch will pay off when your buyer is finally ready to buy. While taking the time to develop an organized approach to sales lead nurturing is critical, sometimes just making the effort to keep in contact can help close the deal.

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