b2b lead generation
26 Jun 2017

How healthy is your sales leads data?

By 360 Leads

Quality sales leads come from quality data. The Black Report™ found that 36.8% of respondents think data list quality issues are a major reason company lead generation programs don’t deliver enough qualified sales leads. But that can change. For long-term company growth, it’s important to maintain your sales data health by scrubbing for quality and investing in means of collecting new data. To make sure your data is working for you, here are some things to consider:

Clean up your data

Delete old data and standardize clean data into key fields (i.e. titles, emails) that apply to every existing lead and every new lead entry. Make a customer category and a prospect category. Remove duplicates and screen your data to ensure you have contacts that will enable sales leads.

Enter new potential sales leads into your sales database

Only 42.2% of companies have sufficient data for their lead generation activities, according to The Black Report™. Capture new leads from various data entry points, such as your website and social media channels. You can also buy data or have specialists collect and build data for you. But remember, lists are just lists. Qualified leads are more than that.

Segment your data

Group leads into various smaller buckets (i.e. long-time customers, leads from an event, leads that clicked-through or downloaded content from your website, leads that are almost ready to buy), to send them relevant communications. This will allow you to determine the best message to send and when to send it.

Become familiar with your data

By continuously screening your data, you refresh it, and keep it clean and actionable. Always ensure that it’s accurate, complete, timely and easy to understand. Through this, you can monitor if your leads are “hot”, “warm” or “cold”. Then, you can easily send personalized communications to help guide qualified prospects through the sales funnel.

Does your company need better quality sales lead data? Ask 360 Leads how we can help.