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14 Jul 2017

How to outsmart the big wigs in your lead generation efforts

By 360 Leads

There is no question that being the #1 brand in your category is what every company strives for. Some of our clients are exactly that and some are trying hard to be. And because we serve both types of clients as a lead generation company, we can tell you that if you’re smart about your sales lead generation strategies, you don’t need to have big brand envy.

Come up with a killer offer

You know that offer that’s too good to be true? The one that your potential customer would kill to have? That will make them switch from the competition to you? That’s the killer offer you need to come up with. Given that many companies have varying levels of satisfaction with their vendors, many are open to switching brands. What they need is a reason to do it, and more importantly, a reason to do it now. Is it a pricing play? A product bundling offer? A trade-in event? A deferred pricing angle? It could be any one of those things.

Focus your kill shot

Our lead generation company efforts have results in some great research for one of our Canadian clients that tells us which of their competitors’ brands are most likely to be switchable, and why. We now have two of those brands in our sights, and we’re getting armed and ready to win some new deals. And yes, the irresistible offers we decide to go with may just be targeting those brands.

Keep it simple

“Hey, that seems really simple to execute” is the response that every sales lead generation company campaign should elicit. That’s not to say that test and control groups, splits and other variants aren’t critical. But keep them manageable and measurable to get the best opportunity for great execution and even better results.

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