b2b lead generation
19 Jun 2018

Increase sales leads by nurturing B2B relationships

By 360 Leads

Everyone knows that getting as many sales leads as possible plays an extremely important role in having a thriving business. But, you shouldn’t focus all your attention on capturing new business leads, you should focus a majority of your attention on nurturing the leads you already have. Failing to nurture your current leads and leaving new leads undeveloped is a sure way to lose them. According to The Black Report, companies who communicate three or more times with the leads they generate are more than twice (2.4 times) as effective at achieving their targets. But don’t worry, here are a few ways to nurture your B2B relationships and increase sales leads.

Build, build, build

Right from the get-go, start building a meaningful and long-term relationship with your clients. Ask a lot of questions to gain valuable insight into your clients’ business. Some essential information you should ask your clients include; what challenges are they trying to overcome? What are their long-term goals? and what results are they hoping to accomplish? For a deeper dive and to get a better understanding of the value you provide to your clients you can push out surveys to gain their input, use customized forms and analyze website traffic.

Stay in touch

Whether you’ve just acquired a client, or you’ve been working with them for years, one of the worst things you can do is vanish. Staying in constant contact is a very important part of nurturing your B2B sales relationships, it shows them that you are constantly striving to give them the attention they deserve. This can be done by sending them status updates on your work or services, company news or new offers. Simple gestures like getting involved with their online presence, inviting them to a social event or just meeting up in person to catch up are all ways to nurture these business relationships and build lines of communication.

Share valuable content

While providing free, valuable and informative content might not be in your best interest all the time, offering free content that is catered and helpful to your clients is a great way to encourage them to actually buy more from you. This tactic shows clients that you’re invested in providing them with as much value as possible and it showcases you as a thought leader in your craft.

All clients benefit from nurturing

One of the biggest things you should focus on should be giving the same amount of attention to both your new clients and existing clients. Neglecting one or the other can be bad for your business and can ultimately result in losing a customer. Organize your list of clients and plan how you can reach them. Nurture your business relationships with valuable content, unique services to meet their objectives and make time to listen and address their needs.

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