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04 Feb 2019

Lead generation video killed the radio star

By 360 Leads

B2B sales lead generation comes in different forms. 360 Leads is fortunate to have varied means to support our clients in generating more qualified sales leads. One way that we’ve found successful has been through the production of online video, usually part of a broader sales lead generation campaign. According to Google, 70 per cent of B2B customers watch videos.

Great video can tell a story that can be quite compelling, human and highly motivating for a buyer to take action. In the digital marketing space, marketers often think about video as being a catalyst to drive inbound sales leads through a YouTube campaign. And while we’ve done a number of these, it’s safe to say that videos can help drive amazing sales lead conversion as part of an overall digital strategy.

Integrating video into landing pages that support the buyer along their journey can make it easy for them to understand the brand, the value proposition and generally get a feel for the company. Besides great production value, these are a few things that we think are most important in creating the ultimate video to support B2B lead generation conversion.

1. Ensure the value proposition is clear, simple and obvious.

If the viewer doesn’t get it, they simply won’t engage.

2. Make sure the value proposition is something that the buyer actually cares about.

We have a software client that was pushing software demos, with limited sales success as they were pushing the software features (PS – people didn’t care). They pivoted to drive the benefits of the software vs. the actual features and presto, new B2B sales and a better go-to-market strategy (PS – people now cared).

3. Don’t let production get in the way.

Our clients can generally afford quality production, but not every video needs to be the next Hollywood blockbuster. Sometimes simple can work well, if the above two are not a casualty of production values. A great strategy, a great story and a compelling offer can do wonders.

4. Repurpose and repurpose and repurpose.

If you’ve got the footage, imagine how many ways in whole or in-part it can be used across landing pages, social channels, websites and a YouTube channel. Our team is editing a shoot today and they are already thinking how to repurpose segments that have a higher purpose than the editing room floor.

As for YouTube itself, it’s the second largest search engine with more than half its views coming from mobile devices. So, if you’re targeting that busy B2B executive on-the-go, to convert them into a qualified sales lead, it might just be time to recognize that video really did kill the radio star.