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05 Jun 2017

Marketing has one role: helping with sales leads

By 360 Leads

The one thing sales and marketing departments agree on is their greatest challenge: generating more qualified sales leads. Still, many marketing personnel believe their role to be independent of sales or are unsure of how their role contributes to sales. Indeed, The Black Report™ found that marketers believe their sales lead generation activities are 35% more effective than salespeople find them to be.

According to a Demand Metric study, 89% of marketers said their companies have a sales lead generation process, but only 49% knew how to be effectively involved. What’s more, HubSpot statistics indicate that 23% of marketers focus on both reaching the right audience and converting sales leads, but have trouble connecting the two. The thing is, that’s just not an excuse. Marketing and sales alignment should be top priority for all CMOs. Marketers can help drive sales by:

Understanding qualified sales leads

Salespeople constantly deal with leads as part of their job, so use them as a resource to understand what they value in a lead, what they qualify as a hot lead, and most importantly, what the buyer profile is.

Developing a sales-focused marketing plan

Once a qualified lead is defined, it’s crucial to develop a marketing plan that includes a combination of digital, direct, inbound, and outbound methods to communicate with potential prospects and convert them into qualified sales leads.

Tracking and scoring leads

Marketers must track the success of their efforts to understand the return on fostering quality leads. Tools such as marketing automation, website metrics, and lead scoring can all help contribute to the sales pipeline.

Supporting sales reps

Marketers needs to provide sales teams with the tools, support, insights, and training to seal deals. It’s tough being a salesperson, but it’s a little less difficult with the right support that helps simplify the sales process.

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