New Market Expansion

New Market Expansion

Reach more new customers in more places

At 360 Leads®, we help B2B companies introduce their latest and-greatest to new customers, new verticals and even new countries. We do this by creating a customized market entry strategy and marketing services approach that considers factors such as cultural differences and competitive research. Don’t think of the border as your barrier. New market entry is something we help our clients do every day. Working collaboratively with clients in North America, UK, Europe, Australia and India, we do this through:

  • Insight-driven marketing strategy recommendations that optimize new leads acquisition
  • Support in developing a unique value proposition to help your company differentiate itself from competitors
  • Customized B2B sales lead generation services, such as appointment setting and our Sales Effectiveness Program
  • Inbound B2B sales lead generation services, including digital, social and direct marketing campaigns
  • Outbound B2B sales lead generation services, such as telemarketing and Trade Show Optimization
  • Demand and brand switch B2B lead generation marketing campaigns
  • Market analysis and go-to-market planning for B2B sales leads
  • Sales lead management, scoring and nurturing services

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new business campaign

Win new business and provide your sales team with quality B2B sales leads.
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sales effectiveness program

Supercharge your sales team by providing them with the tools, process and advice to sell even more
lead generation services

trade show optimization

Maximize the value of your trade show investment.

new market expansion FAQs

When creating any new market entry strategy and marketing campaign, we always first ask ourselves “what are all the things that need to happen?” Being as meticulous as possible when determining all components of the campaign is absolutely crucial. In order to scale a new market campaign for a large sales force, such as one with multiple submarkets, organizing leads in a structure that allows your sales reps to access it properly in their inboxes, while also integrating things like digital marketing into it, as well as promotional/direct marketing to multiple verticals all with slightly different messages – that takes a lot of organization. Before you can execute, you have to plan. Proper process and planning ensures that your market entry campaign is as successful as possible.

In a lot of cases, you can make a market entry campaign more effective by simply adjusting one element, versus pulling the whole campaign and re-launching a revised version – which is considerably more expensive.

A real-life example of a “pivot that paid off” is a project we worked on for a software client from Texas. We discovered though our sales effectiveness coaching services that the sales reps were selling the product features and specific benefits of each feature, instead of the overall outcome. We recommended they pivot because the decision makers, the new market they were trying to acquire, didn’t actually touch the software. While the actual software users may have cared about the functionality, they did not have the authority to make the purchase. The decision makers cared only about what the software would do for their bottom line versus how it works. By selling the result – the software would make the company more profitable – and not the features, we were able to ensure a more successful market entry with a high percentage of qualified leads and closed deals.

By creating lead generation strategies with target profiles of buyers based on the ideal customer, 360 Leads has helped many clients to successfully market themselves in new countries. One example is a German manufacturer of screening machines and separating equipment. They were looking to expand further into the US market, where they had a limited presence. With our help, they were highly successful in meeting with niche market customers. Another example is a UK company who make a software product specifically for the food manufacturing industry. They were looking to enter the US market, where they had no previous presence. Again, with our help, they were highly successful in meeting with target customers.

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