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20 Feb 2019

Not all B2B sales leads are created equal

By 360 Leads

There are warm B2B sales leads, hot sales leads and those that are just simply not really B2B sales leads at all. So, how do you know the difference between what’s hot and what’s not?

“There are three main things to consider when determining the quality of an initial sales lead”, says Christine Britsas, Regional Sales Director of lead generation company 360 Leads. Britsas who has been working in the sales lead generation industry for two-decades has the benefit of thousands of conversations and transactions with sales lead buyers. Simply put, she knows what works.

Sales leads list buying

“Buying a list of companies with contact information, while it may have some value, is simply not a sales lead”, says Britsas. “The number of people that call and ask do we have a list, and assume that their sales effort is almost complete, is a function of list companies representing their lists as qualified sales leads. How is a B2B lead generation buyer to know that a list is not a sales lead, particularly if the buyer has limited experience dealing with professional lead generation companies?”

B2B sales leads unique to you

A second factor in evaluating the quality of the sales lead is if the sales lead is unique to your company or has it been resold over-and-over again. “List aggregators are commonplace, reselling the same so called sales leads to anybody who will buy them”, says Britsas. “If you are the first buyer of that sales lead and jump on it quickly, then maybe you have a chance if the lead meets your qualification criteria. But chances are that so-called sales lead has been resold by list brokers to multiple buyers who believe they are getting a bona fide sales lead, when in-fact they are getting sales leads that are simply warmed over.”

Sales leads interested in converting with you

Britsas isn’t shy about her view on her third main factor to determine sales lead quality. “Is the sales lead specifically interested in a conversation with your company? If the answer is they have never heard of you and you’ve never spoken with them, how can they be truly considered a sales lead? The prospect becomes a bona fide B2B sales lead when you’ve engaged with them through appointment setting, digital lead generation campaign or other lead generation campaign activity and they have indicated their interest in meeting with your company or learning more.”

So what to do about it?

Britsas believes that while list quality is a factor in building a sales pipeline, the best sales leads are the ones that are generated specifically for the company who wants them. “Uniquely qualified B2B sales leads maximize a sales team’s efforts and can shorten the sales cycle. Why chase poor quality prospects, some of which are also being chased by competitors who have bought the same ‘sales lead’?