Lead Generation Goals
18 Apr 2019

Lead generation goals: how to stick to them

By 360 Leads

Why, hello there, Q2. How the heck did that happen?

Spring has sprung, and summer is fast approaching. It’s time to think about those B2B sales lead generation goals you set back in January. Now’s the time to get things done before long, sunny days and vacations take us away from our desks (and phones). To do that, we have something to help you stay motivated and accountable during spring and the dog days of summer when you’d rather be outside riding your bike!

Here are some proven ways to stick to lead generation goals (if, in fact, you actually set them back in January – you did, didn’t you?)

Set up a prospect lead generation campaign system

Are you randomly sending out prospecting emails, and making phone calls sporadically? Plan out a consistent B2B sales lead generation campaign that you can easily repeat with each new qualified prospect that comes your way.

Use multiple prospecting strategies

Never rely on a single prospecting approach when generating leads. There are loads of ways to reach out to prospects, and the more the better, since each tactic will reach different people and you want to cast your demand generation net as wide as possible. From sales emails and phone calls to mailed packages, networking events, social platforms and more, you should use at least three different approaches for each prospect.

Set realistic goals for new sales leads

Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting an unrealistic goal that you can’t reach – that’s a recipe for burnout. Instead, look at what your current average of new sales leads has been, and pick a realistic number of that doesn’t challenge you too much but represents a significant increase in your current lead generation efforts.

Goal setting

If you didn’t do this at the beginning of the year, here’s some easy math to get you started. Start with the inbound revenue goal for the quarter, say it’s $250,000, and then divide by the average revenue per customer, say it’s $14,000. Doing the math, you will need to close 17 customers to create that much inbound revenue. But how many sales leads does it take to acquire 17 customers? If your customer-to-lead conversion rate is 3%, then you will divide your customer goal of 17 by .03 (your conversion rate). The result is 595, so that’s the number of leads required in the quarter to reach your goal.

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