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360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives
on B2B sales lead generation.

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21 Dec 2018

Make healthy prospect data part of your business resolutions

By 360 Leads

It’s no surprise that living a healthier lifestyle often tops the list of New Year’s Resolutions year after year. Companies focused on B2B sales can also use this renewed focus to build a robust pipeline, garner more leads and improve sales making for a much healthier bottom line simply by committing to quality data. While it’s easy to

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01 Oct 2018

Questions to ask a lead generation company

By 360 Leads

Whatever your sales and marketing funnel looks like, if you don’t get enough qualified leads, sales will dry up and revenue will fall flat. If you are in this position, it might be time to consider hiring a lead generation company who will help combine sales lead generation and marketing strategy to help you sell

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27 Nov 2017

The two things you’re overlooking in lead generation

By 360 Leads

There are five weeks left in 2017. Did you hit your targets? Have you increased your leads? Did you grow your business the way you envisioned? As the year comes to a close it may be time to re-evaluate your lead generation strategy – and it might start with partnering with a lead generation company. Only

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19 Jun 2017

Double your results with sales lead nurturing

By 360 Leads

Sales leads are critical to every company’s survival. Some buyers don’t require much effort to close because they know what they want, but these quick win sales are a small percentage of the larger whole. Most leads don’t convert into sales, and poor lead nurturing can be blamed for that. Leaving new sales leads to

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