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360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives
on B2B sales lead generation.

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31 Oct 2018

Is your lead generation campaign performing?

By 360 Leads

Being active and engaging with new leads and prospects is a good way to fill your sales pipeline and garner new business, but how often are you measuring the performance of your lead generation campaign? There are several metrics to track in lead generation. The key is to map out your goals and prioritize the

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01 Oct 2018

Questions to ask a lead generation company

By 360 Leads

Whatever your sales and marketing funnel looks like, if you don’t get enough qualified leads, sales will dry up and revenue will fall flat. If you are in this position, it might be time to consider hiring a lead generation company who will help combine sales lead generation and marketing strategy to help you sell

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24 Jul 2017

Turn digital traffic into real qualified sales leads

By 360 Leads

In The Black Report™, our global study on sales lead generation, marketers selected digital lead generation as their top lead generation channel, while salespeople selected outbound telesales as their top channel. We say they’re both right, but the important question remains: how do you turn digital traffic into real bona fide sales leads? The key

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26 Jun 2017

How healthy is your sales lead data?

By 360 Leads

Quality sales leads come from quality data. The Black Report™ found that 36.8% of respondents think data list quality issues are a major reason company lead generation programs don’t deliver enough qualified sales leads. But that can change. For long-term company growth, it’s important to maintain your sales data health by scrubbing for quality and investing

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