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360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives on B2B sales lead generation.

360topline / perspectives
on B2B sales lead generation.

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20 Feb 2019

Not all B2B sales leads are created equal

By 360 Leads

There are warm B2B sales leads, hot sales leads and those that are just simply not really B2B sales leads at all. So, how do you know the difference between what’s hot and what’s not? “There are three main things to consider when determining the quality of an initial sales lead”, says Christine Britsas, Regional

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28 Aug 2017

The best marketing strategy might be sales lead generation

By 360 Leads

Brilliant marketers understand that qualified sales leads often start in the marketing department. According to The Black Report, a global lead generation study by 360 Leads, 72.8% of companies that excel at lead generation have a well-defined, clearly articulated value proposition. These companies know their story, and how to tell it. Articulating the difference that

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24 Jul 2017

Turn digital traffic into real qualified sales leads

By 360 Leads

In The Black Report™, our global study on sales lead generation, marketers selected digital lead generation as their top lead generation channel, while salespeople selected outbound telesales as their top channel. We say they’re both right, but the important question remains: how do you turn digital traffic into real bona fide sales leads? The key

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14 Jul 2017

How to outsmart the big wigs

By 360 Leads

There is no question that being the #1 brand in your category is what every company strives for. Some of our clients are exactly that and some are trying hard to be. And because we serve both types of clients as a lead generation company, we can tell you that if you’re smart about your

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05 Jun 2017

Marketing has one customer: sales

By 360 Leads

The one thing sales and marketing departments agree on is their greatest challenge: generating more qualified sales leads. Still, many marketing personnel believe their role to be independent of sales or are unsure of how their role contributes to sales. Indeed, The Black Report™ found that marketers believe their sales lead generation activities are 35%

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