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17 Jul 2017

The one great phone call that can propel your B2B sales

By 360 Leads

Telemarketing. Some might classify it as the underbelly of B2B sales and marketing, filled with companies using offshore low-cost, high-volume call centres and reciting poorly developed scripts trying to sell something that somebody doesn’t really want. This lead generation stereotype has created a fear in many marketers of using the telephone as a sales and lead generation tool. But with the right preparation, using outbound calling as part of a sales lead generation strategy can give you a competitive advantage. The challenge is how to do it well, so that one great phone call can truly propel your business.

Consider these three things before making that call:

Priority #1: targeting

While it may seem obvious, cold calling everyone and anyone until you get the right person is not the best use of time. In lead generation, it’s important to identify who needs your product and if they have the capabilities to onboard what you’re offering. Based on our global sales lead generation study, The Black Report™, poor data quality (36.8%) and poor sales opportunity qualification (32.5%) are cited as major barriers to success. Do the necessary upfront thinking, and ensure you know what verticals, geography, job titles and companies matter most to you.

Priority #2: purpose

Whether you’re selling a product, educating about a service or booking a qualified sales meeting, it’s important to have a focused objective. In most cases, keeping a call concise can only benefit your cause. Knowing your purpose helps eliminate dead leads, if the prospect knows what you’re offering and doesn’t see a need for it, then you can move on and put your focus elsewhere.

Priority #3: listen

When calling, it is easy to be so wrapped up in the pitch that you forget to listen to the person on the other end of the phone. Don’t fall into autopilot script mode. The telephone call should be a genuine two-way conversation, putting the prospect at ease and building a relationship.

There are many things that make a phone call great, and overturning negative telemarketing perceptions can benefit your marketing and sales efforts. Talk to us about making those B2B sales calls for you.