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29 May 2017

Three letters that make or break sales lead generation efforts: CEO

By 360 Leads

In The Black Report™, a recent global study by 360 Leads, senior executives and sales leaders responded to survey questions regarding their sales lead generation success. The results suggested that the foremost reason sales lead generation efforts miss their targets was their CEO not fostering success. 58.1% of respondents felt they were allocated insufficient resources and another 47.3% cited internal company obstacles as being the problem.

So how do CEOs contribute to sales lead generation failure?

They don’t dedicate enough resources to sales

A CEO must ensure that their sales team is properly equipped. Sales managers that miss their targets need support, leadership intervention, or a reassessment of their sales ability. Whatever the case, it comes back to the CEO creating an environment that breeds success.

The sales department is solely responsible for sales

While not everybody’s job description involves sales, all company personnel must play an implicit role in the sales process by embodying a sales oriented culture. Product engineers must build what the target wants to buy, and service staff must deliver services that keep customers returning. At the same time, the CEO should foster a culture that incorporates customer-centric sales thinking.

The sales team handles all prospecting

Sales roles comprise countless tasks to fill a pipeline and reach sales targets. When it comes time to close a deal, salespeople often receive technical, legal and financial help to decide how a product or service should be priced. Yet they receive little to no support in sales lead generation. The CEO must invest as much in the front-end as the back-end to ensure sales numbers rise.

If the right pieces aren’t in place for their company to run successfully from a sales and marketing perspective, the company’s overall growth suffers. CEOs can ensure this never happens by fostering a sales oriented culture that breeds success.