b2b lead generation
21 Aug 2017

Turn sales leads into demand generation success

By 360 Leads

If you’re wondering how you or your sales force can do a little better with their demand generation goals, you might be surprised to learn that sales effectiveness isn’t all about product knowledge. It’s about sales knowledge. And a lead generation company’s most successful clients have sales cultures that get it. And in turn, they get big results.

Do some research

You received a list from a demand generation company, now what? Look deeper into the company. Find out what they started out doing and what they’re planning next to get a better understanding of the big picture and insight into how your product or service can help their business.

Get a super positive attitude

Not every lead from a lead generation company will always be a good lead. Some are better qualified than others. But that’s not to say that mediocre leads can’t turn into gold. We know — we turn our own soft leads into gold, which takes a bit more work and a positive attitude. If you perceive the leads to be rotten from the get go, that’s going to hurt your sales effectiveness.

Plan for the worst

Assume that every lead that comes your way from a lead generation company is just an introduction, not a sale. Are you going to turn away and not shake hands with one more person just because they don’t want to buy anything from you right now? Plan to manage that new relationship and be sure you’re ready when the time comes. Ask your sales force to consider the concept of managing a simple sales funnel, full of new leads that can close at different dates. It’s not the mechanics of the funnel that are challenging, it’s managing the culture.

Follow through

You’ve told the prospect you were going to send them information and then follow up in some time? Then do it! You will be surprised to know how many people actually keep your information and refer to it when a need arises. One of the key reasons for sales effectiveness failures is actually follow through. So if you’re there when the time is right, and your competitor is missing-in-action, you know who will win the deal.

Sales effectiveness isn’t just a set of actions. It’s a way of thinking. Contact us to help you get there.