b2b lead generation
03 Apr 2017

Why salespeople shouldn’t generate leads

By 360 Leads

To be effective in meeting annual sales targets, a salesperson often needs to focus on countless miscellaneous tasks to ensure a consistently full pipeline. There is a lot of legwork involved in generating leads that a sales person must do to generate leads for a company, but has nothing to do with closing actual sales.

Now consider how, in closing a deal, most salespeople require some technical and finance support to affix pricing to a product or service and develop contracts. Some complex contracts may even require management and legal involvement. So, why is it that salespeople receive this back-end support, but are then left on their own to find sales leads?

Many companies don’t understand the process of effectively generating leads, so salespeople are left to their own devices in bringing in more business. It’s no wonder that even the most outstanding salesperson can’t do their job properly, having to take all these extra steps just to get warm sales leads. To break this cycle, you can support your salespeople by:

Getting them to do what they do best: sell

Don’t let your best sales talent waste time on prospecting. Give them more firepower by parsing out certain sales and lead generation functions, so that they can make time to see more sales prospects in any given day.

Outsourcing lead generation

Outsource some obligations that your sales team is saddled with, to help them be more successful. The most crucial of these is generating leads. Partner with lead generation pros to develop a strategy that brings in qualified sales leads every single day.

By doing this, your sales force will be much more effective, as they will have more time to spend in front of key executives who understand buying and have the seniority to approve expenditures. Talk to us about how we can get your salespeople in a meeting with the right people.