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Why PR & content marketing in B2B lead generation?

We at 360 Leads believe the best way to generate high-quality and sustainable leads is by creating good content. A B2B content marketing strategy should be the backbone of any lead generation campaign. Therefore, 88% of the B2B companies invest in content marketing. Our content marketing service will help you serve the right content to the right audience.

  • Content marketing will generate better quality leads who stick around for longer
  • Creating good content that match search intent will showcase you as an expert and will create credibility with your audience
  • It will help you rank better on Google and provide you with better website health
  • Good content is usually shared a lot and can help you with your brand awareness efforts
  • It will help your customers move along the funnel that is likely to lead to a sale

Our PR & Content Marketing services include:

Articles & Blog

Generate B2B sales leads with professionally-crafted website content, all optimized to drive organic search.

Working on content ideas
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Feature Stories & Earned Media

Build brand awareness and generate sales leads with stories published about your business.

Thought Leadership & Social Media

Showcase your expertise and activities to support B2B sales lead generation.

Managing conversations

Our PR & content marketing process

Our content marketing team has years of experience in creating intent-based content for clients across various industries. We follow a 4-step process that allows us to craft highly engaging content:

Step 1: Creating personas & mapping customer journey  

In this stage, we create personas to get a good understanding of the ideal target audience. Creating personas will help us understand better what motivates them, channels they are likely to frequent, their pain points and more. This will allow us to develop content they can relate to and therefore engage better.

Next is mapping the customer journey. This allows us to find topics relevant to where the customer might be in the buying journey and what information they need to move to the next step in the buying journey.

Step 2: Marketing research 

In this stage, we identify the relevant keywords upon which the content is created. Thus, research is the foundation on which the content is built. If this is not done right, it will be extremely difficult to match the intent and search engines to put your content in front of the right people.

After this step, we identify the relevant questions people are asking on the internet. For example, Quora is a good place to look for the types of questions people are asking. By doing this, we address people’s pain points and identify gaps in information on the internet.

Step 3: Content creation 

In this stage, we start creating the content with the help of personas and identifying where the article fits in the customer journey. While creating the content, we ensure it is optimized with keywords and, more than that it sends the right message. Therefore, the reader should get the information they are looking for when done engaging with the content. In other words, the content will match the reader’s intent.

Step 4: Monitor & optimize 

Once the content is ready, you will receive reports on the performance of the page on your site. We will observe the page, user behaviour, keywords the page is ranking for, and search engine performance. Our work is not done there. We will continue to optimize the content based on data and hand to improve performance.

Public relations for lead generation 

If your goal is to generate consistent, high-quality leads, then Public Relations is the way to go. Lead generation with a public relations strategy helps you generate high-quality leads and aids your other channels such as SEO, social media, and content marketing to improve lead generation.

  1. B2B companies need better quality leads – #1 issue faced by most companies no matter the size or industry
  2. Third-party sources are known to provide leads of the highest quality

A B2B public relations strategy is necessary to take your lead generation to the next level. However, a PR strategy is not something that companies should keep as a contingency plan. Instead, constant efforts that gradually grow over time are good for a public relations strategy that aids in lead generation.

Adding Public Relations to a lead generation strategy has the following advantages:

  • You will be positioned as an industry expert/thought leader
  • Third-party coverage tend to provide leads of better quality
  • Create some buzz and brand awareness about your organization
  • Increase traffic to your website and improve search engine ranking

Learn how content marketing and PR Services can create competitive advantage and generate B2B sales leads.


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