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360 Leads® is a lead generation company. We find new customer sales leads for our clients – by connecting them with key decision makers that are interested in their products or services – so they can grow their business, anywhere in the world.

Maximize Sales with B2B Sales Lead Generation Services

360 Leads is different from other sales lead generation companies. 360 Leads combines our proprietary sales lead generation process with integrated marketing strategy and creative capabilities to deliver the most integrated and comprehensive B2B lead generation win-back and retention campaigns.

360 Leads is purpose-built to help B2B companies acquire new customers, deepen existing relationships and optimize sales team performance. We integrate digital, direct, inbound and outbound marketing services while engaging the specialized expertise of our people, data and technology to deliver qualified lead generation opportunities.
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new business campaign

Win new business and provide your sales team with quality B2B sales leads.
employees discussing b2b sales

sales effectiveness program

Supercharge your sales team by providing them with the tools, process and advice to sell even more.

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new market expansion

Expand your product line or geographic footprint and enter new markets.
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trade show optimization

Maximize the value of your trade show investment.

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360 videos / what is being said about our approach to lead generation

Choose our B2B lead generation company to drive your sales growth strategy.

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360 Leads’ CEO shares our holistic approach to B2B lead generation and our client-centric approach to supporting their sales lead generation goals. We drive our clients’ sales results by generating quality B2B sales leads through integrating digital, direct, inbound and outbound lead generation marketing services.

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beyond expectations

B2B lead generation company, 360 Leads, drives new customer sales leads for a trailer dealership and they can’t keep up. The company gained so many B2B lead generation opportunities in new markets they never considered.

beat the competition

Tool manufacturer’s sales force embraces lead generation strategy. Thanks to 360 Leads, the company met with more end users with a successful demand generation program that delivered results.

meaningful conversions

Recruitment agency’s lead generation program developed by 360 Leads attracts many sales leads opportunities. The agency professionally represented its brand and won business with prospective sales leads in key verticals.

360topline™ blog / the latest thinking in B2B sales lead generation

How to put direct marketing folklore to good use

How to put direct marketing folklore to good use

During the 21st century, when email marketing was the full rage, many marketing professionals declared direct marketing dead. If your competition still believes this to be the case, that’s great
Navigating lead generation marketing strategies during COVID-19

Navigating lead generation marketing strategies during COVID-19

These are strange, challenging times indeed for companies. Most are questioning their sales lead generation marketing strategies. No need to reiterate “COVID-19,” as the major news media has that more
Close sales leads faster with lead generation services

Close sales leads faster with lead generation services

Are too many of your sales leads “nearly” closed? Have you considered outside lead generation services? Too many sales leads, that are near the end of your sales pipeline and

What do 300 plus C-level executives, sales leaders and marketing heads know about sales lead generation?
Find out in The Black Report™, the global lead generation study by 360 Leads. Get the perspectives of senior leaders from a broad range of companies, industries and continents on:
  • the most effective lead generation channels
  • top sales lead generation challenges
  • best practices for sales and nurturing
The report also includes insights from lead generation company, 360 Leads, on reasons for success and failure, and regional differences that impact sales lead generation performance.

lead generation FAQs

There are various ways of doing B2B lead generation and different lead generation companies have different approaches. Lead generation company, 360 Leads’ approach is different than other lead generation companies out there. Our proprietary customer acquisition process and all in one place service offerings always delivers results. We work with our clients in Canada, the US, England, Germany, Israel, Australia and more to refine the ideal customer, ensure clarity around the value proposition and execute lead generation campaigns that are appropriate for each client. Often our demand generation work includes telemarketing, direct marketing, digital advertising, e-marketing or promotional type campaigns.
There are lead generation companies that sell what are dubbed lead lists. These are lists of people, either email or mail lists, or lists that have been gathered by aggregators that are often resold to many parties. These lists vary in quality but are generally inaccurate or resold countless times, making them of limited value. Unlike, other lead generation companies, 360 Leads is a lead generation company, based in Toronto, Canada that does not sell lists or resell information from aggregators.

Our B2B lead generation work is usually focused on appointment setting. We work to book a specific meeting date and time, in-person or by phone/Skype, with qualified sales leads prospects. Target prospect companies and job functions are developed in partnership with our clients in Canada, the US, England, Germany, Israel, Australia and more.
Our lead generation campaigns vary widely in size, complexity and scope. Small campaigns start around $7K USD with ongoing campaigns for some of our multinational clients being $500K USD +. The key is to generate a return on the investment from appropriate targeting, effective lead generation strategies and a sales team that can close deals. Our most successful B2B lead generation campaigns generate hundreds of qualified sales leads for our clients in Canada, the US, England, Germany, Israel, Australia and more.

Our company is based in Toronto, Canada and we have B2B clients from across the world including Canada, the US, England, Germany, Israel, Australia and more. We predominately support sales lead generation in English or French speaking nations. Many of our clients are looking to gain more B2B sales leads in existing markets or generate business sales leads in new export markets.

Many world-class brands trust us to drive their B2B sales lead generation activities. Our lead generation services are white-labelled, and we act as an extension of their sales and marketing function. Our head office is based in Toronto, Canada and our lead generation company team operates from various locations across Canada and the US. Our team is highly experienced, goes through ongoing training and understands that they are acting as a representative of our client. For our demand generation telemarketing team, we have always maintained an onshore approach to conducting business with experienced Canada and American based talent.
Every lead generation situation is different. The CEO of a major tech company once asked us in a meeting, does lead generation really work? Our answer was how do you think we met you? They became a client within two weeks of that meeting. We’ve generated hundreds of qualified sales leads for their B2B sales team. We continue to generate sales leads for our clients in the US, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Australia and more.
We book sales leads meetings for our clients so they can meet qualified sales leads prospects. Some B2B sales leads are better than others depending on the prospect’s seniority, stage in the buying process and other factors. What we can tell you is that sometimes we have to slow down our B2B sales lead generation campaigns so that our clients can keep up with the volume. To be clear, sales meetings or sales leads aren’t sales. They are a fabulous means for professional B2B sales people to meet prospects who have an interest in their product or service. Great quality sales people will convert many of these sales leads into sales.
There are many factors that impact the success of a lead generation telemarketing campaign. Our most successful B2B sales lead generation telemarketing campaigns have very good list quality, a clear value proposition, an engaged client and often are combined with other activities such as direct marketing or digital marketing. Generally, lead generation programs perform exponentially better with telemarketing being integrated with other tactics.