New Business Campaign

New Business Campaign

Get the B2B sales leads you need to win new business

We’re here to provide companies with the ideal lead generation services and marketing mix to reach qualified B2B sales leads and acquire new business. We take the time to understand your company to create a highly specific marketing strategy, and uncover your best new business opportunities. Shorter selling cycles, sales force efficiency and more sales are what you can expect from working with 360 Leads®. We support our clients’ new business growth objectives through:
  • Insight-driven marketing strategy recommendations that optimize new leads acquisition
  • Support in developing a unique value proposition to help your company differentiate itself from competitors
  • Customized B2B sales lead generation services, such as appointment setting and our Sales Effectiveness Program
  • Inbound B2B sales lead generation services, including digital, social and direct marketing campaigns
  • Outbound B2B sales lead generation services, such as telemarketing and Trade Show Optimization
  • Demand and brand switch B2B lead generation marketing campaigns
  • Market analysis and go-to-market planning for B2B sales leads
  • Sales lead management, scoring and nurturing services
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sales effectiveness program

Supercharge your sales team by providing them with the tools, process and advice to sell even more
using sales lead generation services to grow business networks

new market expansion

Expand your product line or geographic footprint and enter new markets.
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trade show optimization

Maximize the value of your trade show investment.

new business campaign FAQs

A selling cycle is the time it takes companies to complete a sale, which starts on the first contact with a lead and ends with a purchase decision. For lead generation services, a shorter selling cycle means reaching more prospective sales leads within the same time frame, while also facilitating a quicker purchase decision. Time truly is money, which is why we want to help you and your sales team get the most out of your new business marketing campaign.

Lead scoring through lead generation services is essentially providing a rating for how good the quality of your lead is. For example, a prospect that says “I’m so glad you called! This is great timing, have your people call me right away.” would be a very high scoring lead. A low scoring lead would say something along the lines of “Ok, I’ll take the call, but I’m not really interested and I don’t have any money.” Another factor is determining if your lead is a decision maker or an influencer. For example, a prospective lead who is very receptive but has no authority within their company would need to convince the decision maker to talk to your sales team. So while influencers within companies are still valuable, if they can’t get the decision maker on board, they would also be a low scoring lead. The three questions we typically ask to score a lead and win new business for companies are: “do they have the money, do they have the authority and do they have the need?” If the answer to all three is yes, then you have a very high scoring sales lead.

There are lots of companies that provide lists, but a list of names is not necessarily a list of qualified sales leads. What makes 360 Leads different is that any list we give you will be people that we have either already engaged with or will engage with – in other words, they are pre-screened so we know that they are more likely to be interested in your product or service. We look at all the qualifying factors when putting together prospect lists for your sales team. Within our lead generation services, we look at things like geography, reasons to buy, company size, company profile – to find that key marketing insight that will persuade your qualified sales leads to agree to a conversation.

A good “micro example of our macro process” is an award-winning lead generation marketing campaign that we did for the Canadian division of a public-traded global distribution company. They distribute a revolutionary hand towel dispenser that allows for higher volume and improved janitorial labour efficiencies. We targeted large facility managers to drive product trial. Combining marketing strategy with creativity, we used the actual paper towels to deliver the message, putting a handwritten note with a product benefit on three individual sheets of paper towel, and couriered them in an unbranded stealth package to prospects to pique interest. We followed up with a full product sample, which included an offer and sender reveal. We promptly received inbound calls from our leads and our client’s salesforce also followed up on the campaign. Sales meeting conversion rates are at 30% and continue to climb. Major venues are now in product trial. You can find a collection of more of our client success stories here.

What do 300 plus C-level executives, sales leaders and marketing heads know about sales lead generation?
Find out in The Black Report™, the global lead generation study by 360 Leads. Get the perspectives of senior leaders from a broad range of companies, industries and continents on:
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The report also includes insights from lead generation company, 360 Leads, on reasons for success and failure, and regional differences that impact sales lead generation performance.