Sales Team Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness Program

Supercharge your team with the sales coaching and tools they need to sell more

At 360 Leads® we know from experience that your salespeople can be your biggest superpower. While there are lots of sales training companies out there, we are a sales training company with a mission: to sell against the unique selling proposition that we develop with you and your team, remaining involved during implementation to ensure the highest level of success. Committed to total professional development, we don’t just “train the team and leave,” we are there to help you develop the campaign, market it, integrate it, then manage and monitor the team through supportive coaching when it goes live.

Through our collaborative sales coaching, we work to understand what makes your team go and what will make them go bigger. We’re here to help your team meet more new prospects and start selling deeper into existing relationships. Delegating some of the training to us not only frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business, it can help give you the insights you’ve been looking for. We can help you to build sales team competence and a culture of winning through:

  • Customized B2B sales training that helps your salespeople to sell the real product or service benefits that buyers seek (just ask us – we’ll tell you exactly what we mean, here)
  • Integrated sales lead generation campaign(s) to gauge your salespeople’s culture, selling capability and response to hands-on sales training
  • In-campaign learning, call shadowing and instructional sales coaching support to maximize sales results and understand performance potential
  • Post campaign analysis, reporting and recommendations

Please contact us or call 1.844.360.LEAD (5323) to learn more.

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new business campaign

Win new business and provide your sales team with quality B2B sales leads.
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new market expansion

Expand your product line or geographic footprint and enter new markets.
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trade show optimization

Maximize the value of your trade show investment.

sales effectiveness program FAQs

Having 360 Leads look at your entire selling process through sales training, as early in campaign as possible, helps us to find whatever isn’t working as well as it could – whether it’s your price, your product or your sales approach. Acquiring qualified leads requires professional sales people doing the actual work to make it happen. Using us as your sales training company means extra resources that your sales force did not previously have – we are there to open them up to new markets and maximize existing ones. Our training is to simply advance and enhance what they are already doing with their current selling process, so they can get it done faster and more effectively.  

B2B lead generation is not just about acquiring new prospects. Often your best leads are the ones you already have. An existing customer relationship is one filled with opportunities for growth. Two ways that you can sell deeper are making future purchases habitual and upselling. When you use 360 Leads as your sales training company, we can help you find the triggers from an analytics perspective, and provide sales coaching to help your salespeople adjust their selling process to create more valuable, loyal customers.

When you use 360 leads as your sales training company, you don’t need to wait until a campaign is finished running to make necessary changes to your selling process. “In-campaign learning” means that during our sales coaching, we can make adjustments when the campaign is still live. Through sales call shadowing and feedback from your team, we will be able to pinpoint what’s happening and coach your sales people accordingly, so that they can adjust their pitch.

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